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Planning & Design
The main production process carried out by Imballaggi Rissolio starts by analysing customer needs. In this preliminary phase the choice of the most suitable raw materials to meet the specific needs of the project is of prime importance. Through a careful selection of suppliers, Imballaggi Rissolio can use a vast range of paper available on the world market both in terms of virgin fibre and regenerated paper which all have different physical and mechanical characteristics.

The composition of the cardboard sheet (our raw material) derives from the mechanical union of the combination of the paper listed below:

- Kraft Liner from the USA
- Kraft Bianco from Northern Europe
- Liner from Europe
- Test Liner from Italy
- Semichimica Scandinavia from Northern Europe
- Semichimica from Europe
- Wellenstoff from Europe
- Medium from Italy
- Fluting from Italy

The combination of the above paper makes it possible to obtain corrugated fibreboard with different physical and chemical properties to suit the needs of every single type of packaging and transportation.
The Planning & Design phase continues with the creation of the first sample packaging, scrupulously checking the correctness of the size and the mechanical efficiency of content protection.
We closely follow the entire procedure that leads to the creation of a packaging that meets the requirements perfectly: from project development to a suitable feasibility study; from defining an efficient design to professional prototyping.
We are aware that packaging can communicate value. Its design therefore is always an integral part of the product itself. Even here we have the know-how to be able to offer solutions that can meet customer needs perfectly.
This all means a packaging solution where functionality and aesthetic criteria come together in perfect harmony.

We share the process of choosing advertising ideas with our customers and use the tools and knowledge at our disposal.

Our skills throughout the entire process offer the possibility to reduce any type of inefficiency as well as harmonise all the different aspects together.