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Production & Logistics
American type and die-cut packaging, flexo or high definition printing in up to four colours. We satisfy your printing needs with metallic inks such as gold, silver, bronze and copper as well as with high quality pearlescent overprint varnishes and special processes that can meet the most sought after needs in the current market.
The company can create products of any shape from standard American style boxes to trays and display stands in a wide range of sizes. This makes it possible to satisfy every customer product packaging requirement and facilitate the exposure of the articles contained within with substantial benefits to consumer impact. Our production department is open to all our customers when printing an order which means that the project can meet all the established objectives fully in an extremely collaborative and transparent manner.

In line with the company "Quality Control" policy that is an integral and constant part of every single production procedure, every production line is followed by a printing manager that checks the product quality in all phases of its production to check the raw materials purchased, the various production phases and finally to ensure that the final characteristics conform to customer requirements.

Imballaggi Rissolio has developed a computer system to manage all the production functions of the company: from the single processes to logistics developments and from the warehouse to pre-production procedures.
Monitoring and meticulous planning of the work flow and various processes ensures that projects as well as the various work phases of the final product for our customer stay on schedule and in line with their established final timing.
With the support of specialised external laboratories we can check the correspondence between the agreed materials and those purchased for production if requested. This is a further guarantee for the benefit and respect of our customers.
Finally, Imballaggi Rissolio manages orders with storage possibilities of the finished product called the "Call Off" system that manages scheduled time staggered deliveries to different customer premises by constant monitoring of transportation. We are also specialised in giving technical advice on request to prevent packaging suffering damage during transportation to preserve the protective efficacy of the packaging itself.