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Our business
Our passion for producing corrugated fibreboard has continually evolved over the 65 years we have been doing business in this sector.
We make "American style" top opening and die-cut boxes in any size, flat and rotary die-cut boxes printed with up to 4 colours in regular high definition flexo print on gloss coated, painted and lithographed cardboard.
Sizes range from E-wave bottle cases to three wave box-pallets. To strengthen our production department in 2013 investments were made to add a fourth colour to the 2.740 mm printing machine and for a new folder gluer Lamina System.
We can produce 60,000 units on each work shift and our finished product warehouse covers an area of 1,800 m₂; we can therefore manage staggered deliveries to meet scheduled orders. Deliveries are made using our own fleet of vehicles or in partnership with carriers who have vehicles fitted with hydraulic platforms for unloading.
We can supply samples and print drafts as part of our regular workflow to customers alongside a punctual and accurate service.

Our history
Ours is a story of initiative and entrepreneurial ability, tradition, great innovation and the ability to understand customer needs and implicit trust; this is the story of Imballaggi Rissolio, founded in 1948 and today the industry leader.
The initial idea for the company came from Adriano Rissolio, a typographer at the time who first started supplying boxes to the local wineries and food companies from the courtyard of the barracks in Corso Piave in Alba.
The quality of the products and services combined with favourable economic conditions meant that the business grew quickly and moved to new premises in San Cassiano in Alba in the 70s where the first two colour production machine was installed.
In 1983 Adriano Rissolio sold the company to a young couple Cinzia Rapalino and Enrico Ganio who, driven by the desire for growth, immediately began to expand the product range and services. This proactive attitude was received positively by customers who increased in number and loyalty, spurring the company to acquire its first two colour case maker, i.e. a production line that could transform a corrugated cardboard sheet into a finished American style box in just one procedure as well as the necessary equipment to make beehive dividers for vertical bottles. At the same time the first platen for flat die-cutting was acquired, i.e. a machine to produce particular cardboard shapes such as crash lock boxes for horizontal bottles and interiors for horizontal bottles.
The rising demand for quality printing from customers meant that in 1997 the company acquired their second four colour case maker with a rotary die-cutter and a third three colour production line with a large rotary die-cutter and a slotter to make American style boxes with a development of up to 2740 mm. At the same time the company moved operations to its current premises in Via Valmaggiore in Vezza d'Alba.

Company & Philosophy
Imballaggi Rissolio has always known how to operate with a strong, dynamic eye on the future and by "doing business" through dialogue in the initial socio-cultural context. It then developed interests and know-how towards a more European perspective thus increasing growth and development. Our working methods are collaborative, transparent and logical. Our customers trust us, we make projects attractive and accessible and we have learnt to listen to and learn from the customers we work for. The results of our actions are that our professionalism and our elegant and useful ideas are added to what is of real value to us, i.e. customer satisfaction. We are extremely proud of the long-term business relationships that we have been able to establish over time.
We believe that building relationships with our customers occurs daily by addressing and resolving problems and defining ambitious new objectives in complete synergy.
We value human relationships highly in the knowledge of how much the success of a company is linked to the people that work there and the way they work together.
In addition to economic and financial results companies have a duty to pay "attention" to the social, geographical and cultural context that surrounds them and contribute to improving it.
Respect for the environment is an integral part of our way of doing business. We seek continuously to reduce our environmental impact. Our efforts and attention to finding increasingly efficient technology is driven by our respect for nature and to safeguard people's lives and the planet.
Our company thinks that it is extremely important to respect these fundamental principles.

Our attention to the environment
Alongside our "customer driven" approach the company's prime objective is to pay particular attention to the environment by using "solvent free", water based inks and correct waste management. From raw materials to processing and recycling the life of cardboard is an ecological cycle.
The cardboard that is commonly used in Italy is made up of 80% of recycled fibres and only 20% of virgin fibre which on the whole comes from forests of coniferous and deciduous trees that are grown and managed by the paper industry. It is therefore wrong to think that paper production is the cause of the destruction of forests; in fact it is the exact opposite: paper production from virgin fibres, sustained by forest management, continues to lead to an increase in forest areas which in turn contributes to reducing the greenhouse effect.
Not even the destruction of tropical forests can be blamed on the paper industry. It is well known that the quality of the fibres from tropical wood is not very suitable for paper and cardboard production. On the contrary forests in boreal forest belt managed by forest management, with an estimated 100 billion cubic metres are in fact expanding at a rate of 1.3 billion m3/a year compared to exploitation equal to around 600 million m3, with a growth rate of more than 50% over felling. As you can see corrugated fibreboard comes from renewable resources. The fibres are 100% biodegradable and recyclable. Recycling not only involves a tangible economic benefit but reduces the quantity of packaging material deposited in landfills after use. Of the 22 million tonnes of urban solid waste that accumulates every year in Italy, packaging materials account for around 50% of the whole mass with paper and cardboard accounting for around 35%. From the entire amount only 30%, equal to 2,300,000 tonnes is salvaged. This percentage is still not enough but is constantly increasing. The introduction of new legislation linked to the packaging industry sees corrugated fibreboard as a favoured material.
Unlike other materials corrugated fibreboard is 100% biodegradable, decomposes on its own and does not produce harmful fumes if burnt and can be recycled continuously.
The Rissolio management is also considering integrating new forms of renewable energy to be used in the future.


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